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Your one-stop shop for news on faith and how it applies to thoughts on the social and political sphere.

On the rights of women…

Stop Attacking Evangelicals! Open Season on the evangelical faith began with a valid question for Michelle Bachmann about the doctrine of submission—and the armchair theologians were off and running with flawed interpretations. Kristen Powers, The Daily Beast

10 Inspiring Women Religious Leaders. Huffington Post

The Search for the Historical Paul: What Paul Thought about Women. John Dominic Crossan, Huffington Post

Politics Roundup

Religious Intolerance Increased for 2 Billion, Study Says. Lauren Markoe, Religion News Service.

Poll: Americans Want Religious Presidents, but are Vague on Details. Nicole Neroulias, Religion News Service

Rick Perry’s Army of God. Forrest Wilder, The Texas Observer.

Food for Thought

Interfaith Voices From the Next Generation. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush (associated writers), Huffington Post

Evangelicals Question the Existence of Adam and Eve. Barbara Bradley Hagerty, NPR.

The Great Divide.  Shane Claiborne, Reject Apathy (Relevant Magazine)


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