The Reader: “I looked up and the world was on fire”

Idolatry is in the Eye of the Denier

Tim Keller Wants to Save Your Yuppie Soul. Joseph Hooper, New York Magazine

Does God Want You to Be Rich? David Van Biema and Jeff Chu, Time Magazine

Republicanism as Religion. Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Beast

Capitalism and Religion. Mark Silk, Spiritual Politics

Why I Can’t Give Up the Label “Evangelical” Roger E Olson

What Exactly IS Going on in the Middle East?

Life After Assad Looks Ominous for Syria’s Christian Minority The Independent

The History and Modern Manifestation of Christian Zionism. Jon Huckins

An Open Letter to America’s Christian Zionists David P. Gushee and Glen H. Stassen

Blog Roll

What Size Are Most Congregations? Get Religion

Southern Baptists, Women, and the NIV Bible: This, Too, Shall Pass. Christian Piatt, Red Letter Christians

No Place for Righetousness? Jake Belder


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