Twitter War: Jesus & the Poor Edition

Yeah, this just happened:

While I usually try to avoid @twitter wars, because they tend to be messy and paint all Christians in a bad light, this one particularly bothered me.

@pastorwaite@JesusaDemocrat, how does Paul’s message that he who isn’t willing to work should not eat (2 Thess. 3:10) fit into your understanding

@nolegirl@pastorwaite @JesusaDemocrat 2Thess3:10 was about people so enamored w/the rapture that they wouldnt work.What about Ex23:6/Lk4:18/Acts10:4?

@pastorwaite@JesusaDemocrat Love means telling the truth, for instance telling lazy people “Go get a job and get off the public dole!”

@JesusaDemocrat@pastorwaite You’re missing the point. But I promise to engage w you in the forum if you visit in a few weeks. Thanks for your tweets.

@nolegirl@pastorwaite Who are you to judge if theyre lazy?”I rescued the poor who cried for help, &the fatherless who had none to assist him.Job29:12

@pastorwaite@JesusaDemocrat Love doesn’t enslave people to the belief that they’re only hope is in the g’ment. That is what democrats do.

@pastorwaite@nolegirl @JesusaDemocrat Leviticus 19:15 speaks against favoring either the rich or the poor. Welfare for the lazy is not justice.

@nolegirl@pastorwaite @JesusaDemocrat You may want to reread Jonah. Jonah didnt think Ninevah deserved redemption(or help)either, but #God did. God<3poor

And in case anyone doubted that Jesus cared for the poor (whether they “deserved” His help or not), here’s a list of Scriptures that prove He did.


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