I went to something tonight that I never really considered possible. Like, really possible. An entire community of people (people my age!), in my own town (not some fancy movie set!), working to actively show the world what it means to follow Christ. I know, I know, the platitudes, the fakeness that comes with saying that one is a Christ Follower–but for real, these people are it.

It’s a group called Status in Orlando, FL. They had the simple idea to go forth into the city to see the world as God sees it–and to want to fix it. We’re a twenty-first century bunch–there’s a reason we’re called Millennials–we’re  ridiculously connected to social media, we blog (!), we’re desperately attached to our phones, and it’s incredibly hard for us to take our eyes away from our digital screens and look at the world around us. That is what their #goforth movement is about: Seeing the world as Jesus sees it, and desiring to make a change.

The stories we heard were incredible–from a hungry man that someone took out to dinner, to a guy running who let us take pictures of him to better explain Paul’s “running the race” metaphor to a leaping lion, something so majestic that it can only come from God. And, at the intersection of all of these things was a plaque: “Presented to the People.” We are that presentation. We are here to show Jesus’ love to the people, and it is SO amazing to finally see that lived out by the people that no one expects to care about anything.

We are the presentation. We are Christ’s love on this earth. Love Jesus; Love people.


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