Adventures of a Pastor’s Wife: Why Yes I Do Like to Eat

I’ve never had so many people ask me, “Now, do you work outside the home?” than at a church dinner. It’s one of the church’s traditions to have a dinner once a month in a parishioners home to get together for fellowship, etc. It’s beautiful, and I got to speak with more people than I think I ever would have during coffee hour. There’s something special about spending a meal with someone that really gets them to open up. 

But sometimes that’s a little much. The first time someone asked me if I “worked outside the home” I was taken aback. “Ummm…yes? I actually work at a major bank.” I wanted to add, “and I make damn good money doing it–enough to support my seminarian husband through school”, but I didn’t. It didn’t seem prudent, and I’m supposed to be on my best behavior. By the third time I had my answer down pat, with the exacting edge of my Southern charm “Why yes I do, by the grace of God, I’m able to work a well-paying job…because you know, we do like to eat.” 


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